On The Hunt: Striped Peplum, Sophisticated Coffee Table, and Black Boots

The Huntress-On The Hunt

This week I am focusing on a random collection of clothes, furniture, and shoes…

1. Striped Peplum Top

In reading Pinterest Told Me To, I have had so many “inspiration epiphanies”. One of them includes the Striped Peplum Top that Sheaffer features on her main blog header. (Hers was from the GAP Outlet in 2012…obviously no longer available, but flattering is always in style. At least, that’s what I think!)Striped Peplum


Of course, J. Crew Factory has one, but only in one size, and it’s not mine 😦

j crew peplumI have seen more of these randomly on other websites, but I have such bad luck with online shopping that I really need to try it on 😦

2. Sophisticated Coffee Table

100_1983I have a beautiful trunk that I am using as my coffee table right now. And I really do love it, but sometimes I see other bigger ones and I get a craving for something bigger and fabulous, like this one from Birch Lane:

Birch Lane.Turner Coffee Tablesource

The travertine top reminds me of marble and the antique gold is just divine. I get Trade discounts from Birch Lane, whose parent company is Wayfair. They have such wonderful things and is a favorite place of mine for work. Here is another one from Wayfair, that I am actually purchasing for work, but I would love it if it was in my home. The gold trim with creamy marble top is so dreamy! But, even with a discount, it’s too much for me 😦

Nuevo Living.Jasmine Coffee Tablesource

West Elm is another place that always has great stylish pieces. I actually get a little flutter when I think about it 🙂 This is the Box Frame Coffee Table. Obviously, I’m liking a stone top and architectural metal base.

West Elm.Box Frame Coffee Tablesource

This last one has a rich Rosewood top and gold base, which is also very sophisticated.

WestElm.Waldorf Coffee Tablesource

The lusting must continue for now…

3. Black Boots

I had a pair of boots from the DEB shop (remember that awful place?) The store may have been questionable, but the boots were actually perfect. They were calf height, 2″ heel, and shiny black pleather, which made it easy to wear in the winter snow. I wore them until they literally fell apart while I was wearing them…

100_2639So, now, I am on the hunt for another pair to replace them. It’s about time, since it’s been more than 2 years…

ALDO is having a huge clearance, but of course, they are getting rid of the shoes that are nothing like what I am looking for. Here are two options that I really like, but again, I need to find some in store!

This pair is almost identical to my original pair:

Pleaser Sexy Bootsource

This pair from MayKool reminds me of my favorite button up booties!

MayKool Stiletto Bootssource

What are you gals craving?


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