Meet Blanca!

New Car

I bought a new car! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I don’t think I can do enough smiley faces to show how happy I am  🙂 Meet Blanca!

VW beetle


I had a silver Volkswagen Beetle since I was 17 years old. (Thanks to my loving parents <3) It was sooo cute and bubbly, and every time someone asked me what kind of car I had, they always had the same response when I answered, “That is so you!”. I loved that car. I was able to zip around and easily find and park in spots that were way too small for any other cars. And although Bugley was basically a round car, she never objected to overly successful trips to HomeGoods and generously let me pack her all the way to the top with square objects.

But the past few years, she was in need of repairs, and I was in need of something that would fit my working girl lifestyle. So I started lusting after a white Honda CR-V.



HJ and I looked for weeks for a slightly used one (2010), since I liked the look better than the new ones, and also so it would fit in my price range. After I took one out for a spin, I was really “cr-v”ing the car! HJ really negotiated (maybe I should change his initials to MN for Master Negotiator…) got me a great deal, and after 5 hours of inspecting, bartering, and paperwork, we drove her of of the lot that same night!

It was emotional, because I had become so attached to Bugs, but it was soooooooo worth it. AND after celebrating Christmas with my Dad and Barb last night, she received a gift herself! Her very own name plate! (Picture coming soon!)


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