Good Idea Confirmed!

We are  I am beginning to decorate for Christmas around here. So, to prolong some of my seasonal decor, I am repurposing some of my fall items.A few months ago, I paired a petite manzanita branch I bought at HomeGoods for $12.99 (much to Hunky J’s confusion “Why do you need to buy a branch when you can get them outside for free?!”) with an ominous black crow found at Michael’s for about $2.00.

But to answer your question, Darling, it’s because this one is aptly sized for vignettes, perfectly smooth, so we won’t have creepy bugs hiding in peeling bark, neutral enough so I can use it for all seasons, AND, because I saw it at HomeGoods, wanted it badly, but restrained, went back 2 weeks later and found it nestled in between a fake fern and a seashell encrusted picture frame 🙂


I decided that I would relocate Manzi to another shelf in our kitchen, where she could make friends with a sweet little cardinal bird I got when HJ and I were in Peddler’s Village with our friends last month.


So cute! He just clips right on, and he was only $4.99! As a side note, the shop where we got him had a beautiful bare tree with lots of different sized cardinals and owls made of twine and bark perched on its leafless branches 🙂 So pretty and wintry, you could leave it up the whole season long!

To confirm the awesomeness of my simple winter vignette, I came across this photo on Pinterest!

bird branch


And that’s why the I’m the MAN-zanita branch 🙂


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