Photoshop Fun: Paint My House!

Once your friends know you are a designer, they can’t help but ask your advice. I don’t mind, I love to help! My friend, CK, has a cute row home, but let’s be honest, it needs a little Huntress love 🙂 Here is the before:

Chris House Before

Yeah, sad, I know…Where are the lanterns? Where are the window boxes??

So here are my After options!

Let’s start with a soft blue for the main stucco paired with a deep navy for the trim:

Chris House After.BLUE


And the second option, a bright cream stucco with classic black accents:

Chris House After.CREAM

And the final option, which happens to be my favorite, a greige stucco, black and white trim, with a welcoming Pumpkin Spice door:

Chris House After.GREIGE

Of course, I know that this may be a little more unrealistic, but I think by adding some simple shutters (from Home Depot, of course), some window boxes (you can use fake flowers), switching out the light fixture for something a little less standard (bring on the character!), actually identifying your house with sleek, modern numbers (easier for the mailman), and staining the front steps (pink stone, what?!), you can have great curb appeal for a little bit of money.

Hope you like your house painting inspiration, CK!


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