Annual Mother-Daughter After Christmas Outlet Spree “AMDACOS” and Other Christmas Gifts!

I don’t normally do 2 posts in one day, but, I couldn’t help it. I have been promising this one for a few days. Oops!

I talked a little bit about the “Annual Mother-Daughter After Christmas Outlet Spree” in this post, so here are the photos to prove how successful we actually were…

I must admit, I started at the LOFT because I had to exchange some super cute pastel pants that my Dad and Barb got me for Christmas. Unfortunately, I tried on several sizes and they just weren’t working for me 😦 Interestingly, while there, I actually ran into my Dad, and he so generously purchased all of the LOFT pieces. Thanks, Dad! xo

100_2827Red Scalloped Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT Factory

*The LOFT doesn’t have an outlet website, so I can’t find the links to these pieces, but they are new, so if you can, try and stop by an outlet near you!

100_2830Lace Embellished Blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT Factory

100_2839Striped Cowl Neck Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT Factory

100_2831Chunky Cream Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT Factory

100_2838Silky Trimmed T-Shirt: J. Crew Factory

100_2836Gray Plaid Button-Down: J. Crew Factory

100_2834Black Faux Leather Peplum Dress: Charlotte Russe

100_2832Sequin One-Shoulder Dress: Charlotte Russe

And here are the other fab clothes I got for Christmas. How lucky am I?!

100_2849Blue Peplum Top: Express Factory

100_2848Silky Pink Blouse: Express Factory

100_2850Striped Top: Express Factory

100_2856100_2857FABULOUS coral coat: J Crew Factory, Ruffle Dress Coat

Tweed Suiting Dress: J. Crew Factory similar

100_2854Checked Flannel: Levi’s Factory (my sweet 12 year old brother bought this for me. He has the same one. Twins!)

*This is a men’s shirt, so it is oversized, even though it is a small…I am thinking about getting it tailored, or trying to find a replacement…but I just love the little poinsettia print…

100_2853Plaid Flannel: Uniqlo 

100_2847Basic Tees: Uniqlo

100_2852Printed Scarf:

100_2851Leopard Slingbacks: Anne Klein via Green Street Consignment, Similar

100_2840Ann Taylor LOFT Factory

100_2843Ann Taylor LOFT Factory

100_2844Ann Taylor LOFT Factory

100_2846Ann Taylor LOFT Factory

100_2845Banana Republic Factory: similar top, similar leggings




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