Wit and Wisdom Jeans

photo 3So, I did it. I bought the Wit and Wisdom jeans that Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To blogged about here.

And I freakin’ L-O-V-E them!

photo 1

And a close-up:

photo 2I love them because:

-They are SO soft, like leggings, but look like jeans

-They don’t gap in the back

-They are stretchy, so they keep their shape

-They aren’t so tight that they are like a 2nd skin, they have a normal leg opening

-They have a mid-rise, so it hides everything you want to hide

-They are reasonably priced ($64.00)

*Just a tip: The tag says wash before you wear, so that’s what I did and I haven’t had any issues with the color transferring. At least I hope not, since I have been sitting on my expensive linen sofa while writing this post…

Do you need anymore reasons to go buy yourself a pair?! Just don’t buy them all, I want more!


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