On The Hunt: Leopard Denim, White Tank Top, Herringbone Vest, and Fur Vest

The Huntress-On The Hunt


1. Leopard Denim

I saw a few Pinterest images of this fun trend. I am still on the fence, since I have leopard print leggings that I could pair with ripped jeans…but look how fun it is!

Leopard Denim 3source

 And since the link above is just a random image page, you could buy this pair by clicking on “source” below the image.

leopard ripped jeanssource

And then I saw these, which are totally different, but still so cute! Unfortunately, the link only is for the blouse, and there is no mention of the cute jeans…if someone knows where to find these, then let me know!

Leopard Denim 2


2. White Tank Top (or a tank top of any neutral…)

This should be the easiest thing in the whole world to find, right? Wrong! They are never long enough! Currently, I have a raggedy old white one from American Eagle. And I recently purchased a nude Maternity one from Target…seriously, that was my only option for a long tank top. What is the world coming to, people?!

long white tank topsource

After some more digging, I found a bunch of online shops through this FABULOUS site. (WARNING!! This site is dangerous) and I found a few places that a might have a plain long tank top: Olivia & Jane, Ruby Claire Boutique, BeadsBee Boutique, and Elaine’s Unique Boutique… I am always hesitant to purchase online, especially from Boutiques, because I am wary of their return situation…and that 8 out of 10 times, I end up needing to return. What can I say? I need to try things on first!

3. Herringbone Vest

HB vest 1source

HB vest 2source

HB vest 3source

If these Pinterest images above aren’t enough to completely convince you that you “Absolutely NEED” one of these, then I’m not sure what will…because it certainly won’t be the price. At $100+, I am having a hard time seeing how I could add this to my wardrobe collection 😦 And you really won’t BELIEVE what happened to me regarding this elusive beast…

STORY #1-Christmas Eve, 2014: I went on the J Crew Factory site and saw the coveted herringbone vest in my size for $108.00. I thought it might go on sale the day after Christmas (haha) so I put it in my cart and waited. By December 26, 2014, it was gone. Like, not-even-listed-on-the-website gone.

STORY #2-January 5, 2015: I was reading one of my new favorite blogs and Shaeffer had it listed in her new puffer collection. So you KNOW I bolted right to the site, and there it was, in my size, with only a few left. It was still for $108, but I put it in my cart and quickly searched for a coupon. By the time I entered my billing information, it was OUT OF STOCK!!! What in the world is going on? It’s like a snow leopard!

Here are some exact vests that are expensive, but available…vest 1, vest 2, vest 3, vest 4,

Here are some similar vests that are only really available in S, M, L…vest 5, vest 6

Here are some other blogs that post about the Herringbone Vest obsession…

Pinterest Told Me To

Everyday Fashion and Finance

This Black Cape Gingham one is also so cute…AND AND AND OMG OMG OMG!!! I just checked the site so I could add the link and it is MAJORLY on sale for $52.99!! What, What?! Yup, just bought it! What Herringbone Vest? I’ve always loved a good buffalo check…

j crew buffalo plaid vest

4. Faux Fur Vest

Similar to my #3 debacle, I had a similar sad experience at J. Crew AGAIN! On New Year’s Eve, I was talking to my lovely friend, Meg, about my hunt for the perfect faux fur vest. She so generously sent me this sweet text!


Unfortunately for me, it was the all black one in the photo below AND they didn’t have my size, but at only $25.00, I could have done a little copy-cat action of The Northeast Girl’s outfit:

J Crew fur vestTNG.faux fur vest

What I was really looking for was something more like this tan one…but it’s Crew Cuts…I wonder if they have a Kids XXL…just sayin’…

J Crew Faux Fur vest kidsWell, until next time, I’ll be On The Hunt!


12 thoughts on “On The Hunt: Leopard Denim, White Tank Top, Herringbone Vest, and Fur Vest

  1. Tricia says:

    Not sure exactly what kind of tank you are looking for but I stumbled across the layering cami at Eddie Bauer and love them. They are longer than most tanks I have found and go great under everything from tees to sweaters.

    • The Huntress says:

      Hi Tricia,
      Thank you so much for your help! I will definitely check out the Eddie Bauer website and see what I can find. I truly appreciate you reaching out to help a fellow fashionista 🙂
      ❤ The Huntress

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