On Friday, me and my co-worker visited an amazing place called Provenance in Philadelphia. They are making us a custom made desk for one of our properties, so we went to go over some of the details. They had SOOO many cool things, I couldn’t wait to start looking around!

See the Church spires in the first photo? How cool would that be flanking the doorway to your boudoir, or maybe the entryway to a garden? My mind was spinning!

The next photo was originally a mold for steel beams, but obviously, I was spying it for a possible coffee table. They priced something like that for $200! But unfortunately for me, this piece was not for sale 😦

The Electric Company sign was so cool, I don’t know exactly how this could be used in a home setting, but I certainly wished there was an “S” in the lineup…

And can we talk about those mantels for a second? Hello, lovelies! I have been really wanting a mantel for my bedroom. The wall is small and too narrow for  dresser, but just perfect for a narrow snuggly mantel, complete with white twinkle lights for the wintertime 🙂

They just had so much stuff…an entire warehouse full of reclaimed wood, old doors, and stained glass windows and entire panel walls from Churches. So freakin’ cool.

I asked them where they get their things and they said sometimes it’s salvaged, sometimes things are given to them, and sometimes they find things on their own. What a cool job, right? A treasure hunter…And, it turns out that one of the fabricators happened to be a graduate from my alma mater (although much younger than me-eek!), so he was super helpful for our upcoming work project.

If you happen to be in the area, check them out!

Provenance: 1801 North American Street, Philadelphia, 215.925.2002





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