What I Wore: Tribeca Film Festival/Rent the Runway Review

RentTheRunway_logo1Hi! Long time no see 🙂 That’s how you know I’m busy doing fabulous things like going to the Tribeca Film Festival a few weeks ago.

Ironman lent his expertise to a documentarian whose film was being featured, so we went for the premiere. Obviously, I needed something chic to wear! Rent the Runway came to my rescue with Trina Turk’s Gizella Dress:


It was perfectly polished. Not too over the top (I’m not a celebrity), but still made a statement.


-It fit exactly as pictured and exactly as the reviews described (which was slightly boxy)

-They give you an extra size for free-just in case. I didn’t need it, but it eased my mind!

-It arrived exactly when they said it would and was super easy to return.

-It was only $60 to rent vs. $400 to own


-I couldn’t keep it 🙂

IMG_8565A few minutes before this photo was taken, a lovely woman came up to me wanting to know ALL of the details of my ensemble right down to my shoes (which are Ellen Tracey, similar)IMG_8567 I sent this photo to my cosmopolitan cousin who lives in NYC and she said I looked “Manhattan” with my all black. Rent the Runway for the win!


Don’t you just love a good train station bathroom photo?

I would DEFINITELY use Rent the Runway again. Now, I just need to find another fabulous occasion…possibly the big 3-0, which is coming up much sooner than I would like to admit. Eeek!





One thought on “What I Wore: Tribeca Film Festival/Rent the Runway Review

  1. chris says:

    …and the mystery of what took so long in the penn station bathroom has finally been resolved.

    close the book on that one, boys!

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