Photoshop Fun: Iron Man’s House

house 1 new
Iron Man bought a house!! I am so proud of him for accomplishing one of his life’s goals. It’s such a cute, sweet place, all it needs is just a little love and care 🙂

Here are some of the Before’s…

Living Room:house 2 newhouse 3 new

Dining Room:
house 8 new

Kitchen:house 4 new

Master Bedroom:house 5 new

Main Bathroom:house 7 new

Guest Bedroom:house 6 new

I had to slightly photoshop them (quickly and sloppily), for image security purposes, but this is generally how each room looks.

IM has been so kind and let my creativity run wild. I know his style and made sure that whatever I whipped up, was something that he would like. Even if he doesn’t end up using it exactly, it makes for good blog posts!

Here is his Living Room and Dining Room reimagined:

Chris.Living Dining

Here are the details:

Flooring: QuickStep, Reclaime Collection, Heathered Oak Laminate via Lomax

Curtains: West Elm, Sheer Diamond Curtain

Dining Chandelier: Shades of Light, Multi Glass Orb Chandelier

Dining Table: CB2, Dylan Dining Table

Dining Chairs: Modway Furniture, Amish Wood Armchair via Domino

Cacti Print: Etsy, Vertical Cactus Print

Driftwood Floor Lamp: World Market, Driftwood Floor Lamp Base

Sofa: West Elm, Andes Sectional

Coffee Table: West Elm, Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Block Coffee Table

Rug: West Elm, Boho Textured Wool Rug

Entertainment Center: West Elm, Modern Buffet

Raven Image: Deviant Art, Raven Ink Sketch

Since I.M. has 2 months until his current apartment lease is up, his contractor has already gutted the kitchen, ripped up the heinous carpet, installed the crown moulding in the Living Room, and started painting the ceilings, trim, doors, and walls!

I’ll update shortly with some progress shots per room 🙂


6 thoughts on “Photoshop Fun: Iron Man’s House

    • The Huntress says:

      Thanks, Laura! I actually saw you there in late summer, when I stopped by to see your new fall collection. To my delight, Iron Man (who is in finance) loved the west elm vibe! Maybe we’ll pay you a visit soon!

  1. Brandon says:


    I am thinking about getting the Andes sectional couch from West Elm. How do you like it? Has it upheld pretty well? Does the quality match the price ect?

    More details the better!

    Thank you!

    • The Huntress says:

      Hi Brandon,
      The Andes sofa didn’t make its way into Ironman’s house, but I did purchase 2 of them for work (staging apartments). Since they’re used as a decoration piece, it doesn’t get too much use/wear, however, I think the price is appropriate for the piece. Its super comfortable and made for lounging. The chaise part of the sofa is wide and could fit 2 people. The fabric color is a soft neutral grey and true to the photographs. My favorite details are the legs-they are in a bad ass blackened brass and in a tailored shape. It could be styled more masculine or feminine, and is comfortable AND looks good, making it perfect for couples who are trying to agree. My last suggestion is to see if your closest West Elm store has this on display. It would totally be worthwhile to sit on it yourself, and to see what it looks like after lots of people sit on it. Does the fabric get loose and wrinkled? Do the cushions become flat? Does it still look brand new? Does the fabric hold up to dirt?

      I hope this was helpful. I’d be interested to see what you purchase!
      -The Huntress

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