On The Hunt: A New Living Room Rug

Hmmm, I found this post from March. Not sure why it never made it on the blog, but, here it is for your viewing pleasure!

The Huntress-On The Hunt

Lately, at work, I have been looking at rugs ALL DAY. But when it comes to my own rug, I’m having some difficulty!

Originally I had a beautiful tone-on-tone zebra one from Rugs USA (MAJORLY on sale, obviously!) You can see it peeking out from under the coffee table in this December 2012 photo. Here is the exact one, but it is out of stock, so this one and this one are similar.

100_2685I loved this rug, but it was wool and shed shed shed all over the place, all of the time. So, one day in a heated moment, the rug was rolled up and stuffed under the guest bed.

Fast forward a year and I thought I’d try again. So then I found this dreamy jute stunner:

rugs usa.maui chunky loop

I was so in love! I moved all of the furniture out of the way and unrolled this beauty. Immediately, fibers flew everywhere, along with little brown sticks…hmmm

And, it was a little too yellow next to my lovely Montclair Sofa. So, she was quickly rolled up, stuffed into the bag, and shipped back.

Fast forward a few months, and I’m still rug-less 😦 What’s a girl to do?!



On The Hunt: Metallic Cowhide Rug

The Huntress-On The Hunt

I bought this cowhide rug from Cowhide Imports a few months ago for work:

COWHIDE IMPORTS.DEVORE METALLIC SILVER ON BEIGE RUGIt’s silver metallic on a beige cowhide. You can see a snippet of it in action here!

image_10I would prefer this one from Cowhide Imports, which is gold on beige…

Cowhide Imports.Metallic Gold on Beige

They’re both on sale right now for $599. That’s still pretty steep…

So, I did a little digging and found this one on RugsUSA. It’s crazily on sale from $1,299 down to $389.70 using the code ‘SUMMER70’.

rugsusa.metallic cowhide rug

I am a little confused though, because the image shows a silver metallic on a grayish hide, while the description says “Metallic on Beige”…that deserves a call to the company.

I found this one from Cowhide Outlet and it’s only $325, but I can’t tell if the hide is white or beige…white is too stark for me. I just love tans and ivories! Why am I such a fan of beige when I’m an interior designer? #beigequeen

cowhide outlet.metallic hide

I found several other companies, but nothing was really cheaper…


Cowhides International



Even my trusty Wayfair source only offered me one option, and it’s too expensive…

If anyone has any luck finding a metallic cowhide that’s closer to $200 (that could be a sale price or with a coupon code), let me know!

On The Hunt: J Crew Factory Herringbone Vest

The Huntress-On The Hunt

HB vest 3source

oxygen mask


I’m sorry, but I had to indulge in this little nugget of information before I shared it with you…but here it is!!!

THE J. CREW FACTORY HERRINGBONE VEST IS BACK IN STOCK!!!!!!! They are actually calling it “Factory Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest”, Item: 02533, Color: Steely Grey

And obviously, I had to get one. It was justified, since I had a gift card from Meg (and John)!


J Crew Herringbone Vest Confirmation Blog

The wonderful news occurred this afternoon when I saw an Instagram friend of mine post about it.

2:28pm: I see Instagram post about herringbone vest

2:29pm: I triple-check the Factory website to make sure it’s really happening

3:05pm: I had to tell someone about this!

j crew text

2:29-6:37pm: Cannot calm down until that vest is purchased, using my gift card, which happened to be at home!

6:38pm: Purchased!

Read this post, and this one, and this one to hear about my cray cray obsession with this elusive beast 🙂

On The Hunt: In the Same Vein

The Huntress-On The HuntI love marble. Who doesn’t? I dream about one day having a kitchen with the most beautiful marble countertops…where I could host grand dinner parties…with dancing…and lots and lots of wine. But then I realize that means I will have to clean up immediately, so nothing stains. Who wants to play maid at their own dinner party? Not me. So here’s what I have found on my search for the most perfect alternative to marble…in no particular order:

1. Cambria: Torquay Cambria.Torquay Torquay has been a longtime favorite of mine. It doesn’t look exactly like marble, but the subtle veining makes it so elegant. Especially when it is paired with classic subway tile, shiny fixtures, and glam cabinet pulls. Check out some installation photos:

Cambria.Torquay install 1source

Cambria.Torquay install 3source

2. Caesarstone: 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

5131 caesarstone calacatta nuvo

This is so realistic, that it truly is a great marble doppelgänger. The pros are obviously that it’s quartz, but the cons are that the slab is the same pattern repeated, so if you have multiple slabs, you may end up seeing the “repeat”. But put it in a small area, and you’ve got it made!

caesarstone calacatta nuvo install


3. QuartzMasters: QM 9281 Calacutta Borghini. (this is not a spelling error, it it how it is spelled on their site…)


This might be my favorite option, because it just looks so darn real! I’m not sure of the pricing, but I have a feeling that you would buy this for the maintenance vs. trying to save money. You can see why. I actually saw samples of this in person at a design show in NYC this spring. I have to say, it is stunning. Another “pro” is that it is so large, that to see a “repeat” pattern would be vey difficult. This make sit appear the most like natural stone!

Bad News: They don’t have any good installation shots on their site

Good News: They have several other realistic marble options too!

4. Fiandre: Calacatta Maximum

fiandre.calacatta maximum

I found this one on another blog. I’m having a hard time being really sure about what this actually us…the blog said it was ceramic, but the actual site doesn’t really specify…it looks pretty darn good to me.

There’s lots and lots and lots of other blogs that cover this topic, so I don’t consider this post “finished”. It’s just meant to highlight products that I have seen and thought were good marble alternatives!

On The Hunt: High/Low

The Huntress-On The Hunt

I have been looking for some things for work and found some high/low comparisons that I wanted to share with you.

Look at this minimalist indoor/outdoor side table from CB2, for example:

CB2.cement-grey-side-tableIt runs you $149.00…

But if hop onto Wayfair, you will see you can get the same one for $135.15!


And this drool-worthy wood tiled dresser from West Elm is just the eye candy I need to be totally inspired to redo my whole house…

west elm.wood tiled dresserUntil you see the whopping $1,199 price tag…oh yeah, there’s also a $100 delivery fee tacked on afterwards…

Luckily, the Home Decorators Collection is selling a similar one for a much more affordable $979 with a $200 delivery fee, although you lose the tiled effect, which, in my opinion might be it’s best quality…

home decorators collection.kearney dresser

In the end, you’re only saving a little bit on both of these pieces, but every little bit helps! AND…you know I can’t keep knowledge of savings to myself!

On The Hunt: Treasures Revealed!

The Huntress-On The Hunt

To satiate your curiosity about what was in my bags in this post, then scroll through 🙂

I thought you might like to see a panoramic photo of everything laid out…


And here are a few of my favorite pieces:


Lace Rhino Head


Flock of Birds Wall Art


Agate Jewelry Box


Mother of Pearl Lined Wood Bowl


Wood Side Table with Embedded Ash


Acrylic Crystals


Wooden Shoe Molds


Large Hydrangea


Gold Ram Skull Lamp


Mother of Pearl and Acrylic Lamps

And here are what some of the treasures look like once they were inside of the apartments 🙂


image_14   image_15image_16image_17  image_18image_19

On The Hunt: Peep-Toe Booties, Ankle Pants, and More Money

The Huntress-On The Hunt

Let’s get right to it!

1. Peep-Toe Booties

It doesn’t matter what they look like, I want ’em! They are so cute for spring. One in every color, please!

I think my lovely friend, Michelle, has this Charlotte Russe pair. It’s so feminine and bad-ass all at the same time. They come in black too.

charlotte russe.belted zip-up booties

Charlotte Russe is really stepping up their game, because SO many of their shoes are lust-worthy this season! This hot pink pair is so cute!

charlotte russe.side zip booties

This black pair is so sophisticated!

guess.candie booties

This fun, blue pair is so springy! And Nine West is one of my fav spots for cute, comfy shoes.

nine west.magicmomnt

And I couldn’t help but post these Just Fab classics. So sexy! I know this image is a little strange, but it’s the only one that showed all of the detail 🙂

just fab.alysse booties

Here’s another comfortable pair from Naturalizer. I will look anywhere for comfortable, cute shoes!

naturalizer.kallie booties

Check out Shop Style or Heels.com for a HUGE selection.

And these aren’t really booties, but they are a peep-toe and they are super cute and I do want them too 🙂

love culture.tribal wedgessource

They look similar to the Steve Madden Winonna Wedges that are hard to find! And obviously more affordable.

steve madden.tribal wedgessource

2. Ankle Pants

You know how much I love my Express Columnist Ankle Pant. But as I work on getting back to a workout routine, I may need to buy some in the next size up…here’s what I’m craving.

striped ankle pantssource

Seriously, what is not to love about these striped pants??? I know I have an obsession with black and white stripes, so it is no surprise that I love these. Express sells these, but sadly, they don’t have my size 😦

express.stripe columnist pant

These are similar and just as cute!

express.windowpane columnist pant

I was in NYC last week for work with my friend, Elise, so naturally, after our conference we meandered into J Crew. They happened to be introducing their new pants for the season. I liked the Martie best, although, I still thought they fit tighter on my thighs than they look in the photo…luckily, I know my body type and what looks flattering on me. I’d be willing to try on the Martie again.

j crew.martie pantThere was also the Harlow, which I didn’t try on, but looks like it could be flattering. Or the worst look ever…

j crew.harlow pant

3. More Money

Yes, I think everyone is on the hunt for that. But here’s why I want more:

stuart weitzman.highland boots

Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots for $795.00. Honestly, even if I had the money, I would never spend it on them.  They are so expensive, I would never wear them, in fear of them getting ruined! Am I alone here?