I just love TJ Maxx. Like, really really love it. When I was doing some Christmas shopping for myself family, I stopped in to look around, and of course, it did not disappoint! Here are some of the treasures I found.

*Disclaimer-None if these things came home with me, but they sure were fun to look at!

Let’s start with the accessories first:image_25These cute Kate Spade look-a-like earrings were only $14.99!

image_23It’s difficult to see, but this bag had a herringbone felt look and I couldn’t help but admire the cute embellished details. Only $39.99.

image_22This navy and pink leather bag looked so polished, a la Elle Woods, Esq. It was less than $50 bucks.

image_21Ummm, can’t stand it, right?! SOOO cute! For $29.99?! Love it. 

image_20Travelling soon? This gray ostrich Nicole Miller bag (on wheels!) is the perfect accessory…especially for less than $200. But I have my own fabulous black classy duffel that I received for Christmas! 🙂

image_17Remember my Manzanita post? Well, here it is again…for $20…in GOLD! I know, you didn’t think it could get any better.

image_16This lush fur blanket by Nicole Miller is perfect for winter snuggling. And at $40, you could afford to buy some logs for the fire too.  Again, Santa brought me my own snuggle pelt for Christmas. A little more of a splurge, but TOTALLY worth it!

image_15I love this gilded pineapple for $16.99. It makes me think of Charleston 🙂

image_18My beautiful friend bought me a Kate Spade journal brandishing this same carefree phrase reminiscent of the ever-so-fashionable, not-so-humble Marie Antoinette.

image_19On those days when you need to be reminded that you are beautiful 🙂

image_14This box set is more like a matryoshka doll. The boxes inside are equally as cute. It does have a juvenile look to it, but I’m so glad that even babies can have fabulous storage. 

image_13 image_12These kitchen stools were a great industrial touch. I imagine them in an all-white kitchen. Then again, I imagine myself in an all-white kitchen. *dream*

image_11This AMAZING nailhead stunner was only…get ready…$69.99!! If I didn’t already have 2 sad chairs waiting to be loved up at home, I definitely would have bought this. Except that he didn’t have a friend…

image_10Speaking of friends, I want this shiny bar cart to be my friend. It was $199.99 and it loved me. It could have also been reincarnated as a nightstand or hot chocolate station, or side table, or basically anything. This couldn’t look bad anywhere.

image_24And last, but not least, this fun, bold, striped wrapping paper. It can be used to wrap any of the things you’ve just seen. My birthday is coming up…in June 😉

Have you found any great TJ Maxx finds?



One thought on “#Maxxinista

  1. eunicelam says:

    Tj maxx is always a money saver! This is especially helpful for young people like me who enjoys looking expensive but def dont have the money to get it!

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