Usually, I do a Pinspiration post on Wednesdays, but I have been doing some site visits for work (going through old apartments, measuring, that kind of thing) so I didn’t want to waste a cute outfit šŸ™‚ So I have a different post for you on this Thursday!

Stockpile Clothingsource

Do you stockpile your favorite clothes, in case you just LOVE something and have the fear that it won’t be available once the original item sees it sad last days? I think there should be a name for that fear, like maybeā€¦nolongeravailablaphobia? Anyway, I am guilty of this andĀ here are some of the pieces that I have saved for emergencies. Which it seems was a good idea, since 2 outĀ of threeĀ aren’t for sale anymore…

IMG_3808Proofā€¦these are still in the original bagā€¦below are the ones I currently wear

IMG_3807Express Lace Leggings, “LACEĀ LEGGING(7358124/W058 0600 01)” I just bought these in November and they are no more šŸ˜¦

Here they are in action…


These CAbi skinny jeans (Style 338) are pretty comfortable (for jeans). I bought them in December 2013 and I just checked their site and no mention of this style…They have an elastic waist (gasp!) but I’m a lover of long tank tops, so you can never see it šŸ™‚

IMG_3810See how cute?


Last, these wide leg pants from New York & Co. are still available! They are the 7th Avenue Wide Leg Pull-On Pant.

IMG_3809Here’s the 7th Ave pant around town.

IMG_2602A throw back, or what?! This photo was on the blog, circa Feb. 2013.



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