How To: Minimize a Large TV

When we first started looking for a large TV, we both agreed that a 37″ would be the best for our living room, since the couch is pretty close to the entertainment center. We found a great deal, so Hunky J lovingly took it upon himself to pick it up from the store. I was super excited when I saw the box in the back of the car! But upon closer inspection, I realized that  there must have been a mixup at the store…it was a 42″ TV!

OK, I knew there wasn’t a mixup. HJ just couldn’t help himself when he saw that we could get a bigger TV for less money than the 37″. I couldn’t be mad, he was scoring us a sweet deal! (Since then, I must admit, I could have even gone for a bigger screen)

Anyway, the problem that ensued was having a TV that suddenly became the focal point 😦

I don’t even have any before photos, because it looked so cumbersome.

Our solution was to hang a shelf above the TV, but low, so that it looked like a whole entertainment center, instead of a GIANT TV. Take a look at these:



So here is a quick Photoshopped of ours Before:

And After:

Much better!

Number 22.

Wanna see my long list I talked about here?

  1. Hang mirror in hall
  2. Hang frames in bedroom
  3. Make Master headboard
  4. Buy all new slim hangers for my closet
  5. Get a bathmat for Master shower
  6. Buy 2 new pillows for Master bed
  7. Get shams for Master bed pillows
  8. Find solution for hiding Master bath linen closet
  9. Find bench/perch for Master shower
  10. Find storage solution for Master shower bottles
  11. Hang frame in Master bath
  12. Make guest headboard
  13. Buy bedskirt for guest bed
  14. Fix up gold side table
  15. Photo for corner chair in Living Room
  16. Buy new neutral fall/winter curtains
  17. Get hamper for Master bath
  18. Buy photo ledge for main hall
  19. Buy frames for main hall
  20. Hang shelf above the TV
  21. Buy comforter for bed
  22. Buy chair for corner in Living Room

Some of these I haven’t even blogged about! Shame on me! But I really want to concentrate on that last one. Number 22. We have a little corner spot to the left in our Living Room that needed some love. Don’t mind the old picture. I have SO much to catch up on with apartment updates, since I have been concentrating on fashion for a while…)

I was envisioning something like this one from Restoration Hardware’s Nailhead Collection for $399.00

But then I found this one at HomeGoods:

LOVE.AT.FIRST.SIGHT and it was on clearance for $200.00 🙂 With some extra maneuvering, I was able to have my mom pick this up for me and drop it off! Thanks, Mom! #smallroundcar

Already smug with my find, I came across this baby a few days later in a boutique, while I was out shopping for work:

Let’s get a better look at that price, shall we?

Hmmm, well, Little Boutique on Main, try comparing to The Huntress’ latest steal! I can’t help it! I am a bargain hunter through and through. This only proved that my skills are better than ever 🙂

So here she is in her autumnal attire:

She still needs a friendly table mate and some artwork (See #s 14 and 15…) But, I love everything about her! The textured linen fabric, bronze nailhead finishing, elegant wings that are structured and square, but with feminine curves and slopes. I think if I were a chair, I would be her!

A New Home for Prancer

One of the things on my L-O-N-G to do list included hanging a hook in our Master bath for our shower towels. I originally was going for something like this one from Anthropologie:

I wanted to have our initials so we would each have our own hook. And at $12.00 each, they were a pretty good bargain. But then had an idea!

What about this little friend?

He wanted a new home! So we gave him one!

You can read about his previous adventures here and here.



Going for the Gold

Bad News: I started to write a post about all of these great rugs I found today, but then somehow Safari shut down on me…I will have to do that one later…

Good News: I still have a little “Golden Nugget” to share with you!

Isn’t he cute?! I haven’t named him yet. HJ suggested “Libre”, but I think we can do better 🙂 I found him at CB2 for under $30.00! And he just arrived a few days ago. My favorite part is how his little snout turns up. He looks so happy!

I have had a thing for piglets for most of my life, but as I got older, its just not right to have stuffed pigs as part of your decor. He is the perfect addition to pay homage to my youth!


Wow, I really pulled that one out of the archives…

Huge pink glasses, Check!

Fanny pack, Check!

White athletic sneakers, Check!

I think everyone should be glad that I have come a long way and am now writing an amateur style blog! 🙂


The Huntress

Hi! So it’s still me, but with a new and improved name and premise! I will be featuring everything and anything that I am able to get a deal on and makeover, so that includes home things, recipes, and clothes! I have been gone for a while, but that means I have been busy catching up on my own favorite blogs and getting ideas on how to make mine better 🙂 So, happy reading!

Guest Bedroom Progress Reveal!

HJ and I are in the process of setting everything up here, and we do have a lot done for only being here for 2 months. However, I ALWAYS have more that cold be done, much to HJ’s dismay…womp womp 🙂

Now that we have 2 bedrooms and a dining table that fits 6, we have had guests every single weekend! So, naturally, the Guest Bedroom was one of the first spaces I wanted to get set up!

To keep myself focused (can you imagine me needing to be focused?!), I quickly made a mood board:


It was SO much easier for me to narrow down what I was looking for, once I was able to visually organize the room. I started with the things I already had and went from there. I was going for a kind of “Camping Chic” look here. I love the bold modern graphics with the country and rustic accents. The rest of the apartment is more grown up looking, and neutral, and I wanted this room to be really playful and whimsical. I am SO happy with how she turned out so far!












Here is a little breakdown of the cost:

Bed Pillows: Target, 2 for $20.00

White Full Sheet Set: Target, $35.00

Black and White Decorative Pillow: TJMaxx, $5.00

Formosa White Tray Tables: CB2, 2 for $100.00

White and Yellow Rope Trellis Lampshade: Target, 2 for $40.00

Little Yellow Flower Vase: HomeGoods, $5.00

Martha Stewart Living Wales Starburst Mirror: Home Depot, $35.00

Curtain Rod: Target, $20.00

Custom Yellow Chevron Curtains: Etsy (ExclusiveElements), $80.00

Bed: Already Owned!

Bedding: Target, Already Owned!

Nightstand Lamps: HomeGoods, Already Owned! Check out this post for more info

Lanterns, candles: Already Owned!

Window Pane Mirror: Already Owned!

Dresser: Already Owned!

Dresser Lamp: HomeGoods, Already Owned!

Paris Trashcan: Already Owned!

Mounted Antlers: TJMaxx, Already Owned!

TOTAL: around $340.00 plus some shipping charges, for the whole room!!! YAY!

I would still like to make a headboard, so I am waiting for a good weekend, maybe in the fall, when we FINALLY have some time on our hands 🙂 We also have some work to do in the Guest Bathroom, so I’ll wait to post on that until later!

Hello, Old Friend!

Well, Hello There!

Things got a little slow when we were moving, but now we are here, and I have some pictures for you. I will have lots more of our “Works in Progress” too! But here are some before shots:




Guest Room:


Accent Wall:


Living/Dining Room:






Master Bedroom and Master Bath:



This closet is all for me!!!



Isn’t she lovely?! I am going to do another post, so you can see the changes we have made!!

The Blog Formerly Known As Treetop Cottage


So, now that our big move is coming up, it has made me question the name of the blog…I feel like maybe it should be changed to something more generic to span the multitudes of cottages I will inhabit. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the name Treetop Cottage. Its really whimsical and dreamy, but it feels a little too shabby chic. And at some point, we won’t live in a high-rise. I’m so torn…I’m thinking something like this:

  • My Beautiful Life
  • Our Beautiful Life
  • The Beautiful Home
  • No Place Like Home
  • Saffodil
  • The Huntress

What do you think? I need advice!! Comments, suggestions, votes are welcomed!