Photoshop Fun: Woodland Spanish Revival

The Huntress-Photoshop Fun

CK is back at his flipping of the Woodland house. Here’s my Photoshopped version of a brighter exterior. Welcome Home!


Woodland Before

After:Woodland After


No window boxes or shutter this time, but I here’s what I did:

-Painted the whole facade a brighter cream

-Painted the window trim darker brown

-Painted the front door a deep navy blue

-Replaced the original landscaping with plants traditionally found with a crafts am style home

-“Powerwashed” the roof tiles

-“Powerwashed” the front concrete sidewalk

-Removed the iron porch dividers

-Added a fun star pendant at the porch

-Added an address plaque near the driveway

I hope you like the changes as much as I do!


Photoshop Fun: Andrew’s Row Home

My old grade school friend messaged me to see if I could work some Photoshop magic on his recently purchased row home. Andrew’s house is on the left. As you can see, it blends in with the house next door.


Andrew's House Before


Andrew's House After

Here’s what I did:

-Added some signature shutters in black

-Painted the basement doors to match the shutters

-Added window boxes

-Replaced the lighting fixture with a new lantern

-Replaced the mailbox

-Put house numbers in the transom window above the door

-Painted the door a warm green (or to really add some extra character, the front door could be replaced with one that has a traditional feel with the door knob in the center, as shown)

I hope you like the updates!

Photoshop Fun: Paint My House!

Once your friends know you are a designer, they can’t help but ask your advice. I don’t mind, I love to help! My friend, CK, has a cute row home, but let’s be honest, it needs a little Huntress love 🙂 Here is the before:

Chris House Before

Yeah, sad, I know…Where are the lanterns? Where are the window boxes??

So here are my After options!

Let’s start with a soft blue for the main stucco paired with a deep navy for the trim:

Chris House After.BLUE


And the second option, a bright cream stucco with classic black accents:

Chris House After.CREAM

And the final option, which happens to be my favorite, a greige stucco, black and white trim, with a welcoming Pumpkin Spice door:

Chris House After.GREIGE

Of course, I know that this may be a little more unrealistic, but I think by adding some simple shutters (from Home Depot, of course), some window boxes (you can use fake flowers), switching out the light fixture for something a little less standard (bring on the character!), actually identifying your house with sleek, modern numbers (easier for the mailman), and staining the front steps (pink stone, what?!), you can have great curb appeal for a little bit of money.

Hope you like your house painting inspiration, CK!

Photoshop Fun: Sprucing up a Single Family Home

Johnson Street House Before

Hello! I am at it again, and this time, I found my project in a small, and extremely lackluster home in my neighborhood.  HJ and I were taking a walk yesterday, and we came upon this lonely detached row home. Most of the properties on this street are very quaint and cozy. Not only is it one of the more “plain” homes on the block, it is also for sale. So, I decided to spruce her up, just in case someone was hesitant to buy, and needed a little inspiration of her potential!

Johnson Street House Before

Johnson Street House Fixed

From well…to wow! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! When can I move in?

Photoshop Fun: Recluse Revival

Recluse Original

I’m back at it again, and this time I am making over a sweet historical home that needs some love. The poor place is always dark, except for one light upstairs. Everytime we go by, I like to yell out, “Recluse! Recluse!” (not one of my finer moments…) I just wish the occupant would come out and revive this gem! OK, here we go!

Recluse Original

Recluse Fixed


I just love this!! It may be one of my favorite yet! I turned it into more of a craftsman style home with the wooden door and matching windowboxes. I tried to coordinate the plants and make them full and green, like a leafy garden. So pretty 🙂 Now, I’ll be dreaming about this one for a while!

I’ll update tomorrow with my outfits for the rest of last week!

Photoshop Fun: Making a House a Home

Old Rittenhouse House

Sometimes on Sundays when HJ is footballing away, I like to play on Photoshop and surprise him with little virtual makeovers when he gets home!

Today, I was working on the photo of the beautiful old building in a park right near our apartment. We like to take walks nearby, and every time we pass it, I always imagine brining it back to life. The banner hanging on the windows says it can be rented for business only, but I think it would make a much better colonial home. What do you think?

Old Rittenhouse House

Old Rittenhouse House Home


If you want to check out more Photoshop Fun, check out these two posts here and here!

Photoshop Fun: I Hate My Kitchen!

Do you have this problem too?! Because TTC is a rental, we are not allowed to touch anything in the kitchen. We could paint, but I think it would only emphasize the horrible-ness of it all 😦 In blogland, I came across Diana from Our Vintage Home Love. Her family has the most beautiful kitchen:

The colors are so soothing and rich, but also light and airy, and what I like most about it, is the fact that it looks doable. I feel like I could really recreate this space and live here, not just photograph it. It definitely feels like the heart of their home. In fact, their whole house is stunning, I’m super envious, but that just makes me want to fix my kitchen even more! So I have some more Photoshop fun for your viewing pleasure! But first, the nasty pics, (can you tell I’m procrastinating because I am so embarrassed?)

GAAAHHH! Please, Make the Ugliness Stop! But it doesn’t, it just keeps on comin’…

We cover it up so you can’t see it…

Uggh, look at those yellow brick floors hiding under that rug. Why does it look even worse in photographs??

So starting with the my before photo, I am using my old friend Photoshop to recreate Diana’s beautiful kitchen (below) in my unfortunate space.

Here she is with the pot rack:

And now with a wonderful farmhouse chandelier:

So?? Isn’t it torturous that we can’t fix it up like this?! Maybe one day…just keep $aving